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Hydrogen peroxide with antibacterial and hygienizing  activity for the treatment of the skin and nails.


Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound that literature reports as a disinfectant, oxidant and bleaching agent. Hydrogen peroxide is suitable for various fields, such as medical and cosmetic fields. In the medical field it represents a disinfectant with moderate power, effective against bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses and yeasts. It is particularly useful in preventing skin infections at the level of small wounds and reducing irritations of the mouth. In cosmetics, hydrogen peroxide is known as a hair and teeth whitening agent. It is also used as an anti-acne product.


Skin and nail hygiene in the medical-health, institutional and cosmetic sectors.


Hydrogen Peroxide 3,6% stabilized, excipients.

Single unit Packaging Content REF
Bottle 12 pcs 250 ml ADCS01
Bottle 12 pcs 1000 ml ADCS02

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