ADRANOX® is a company with a strong focus in the field of disinfection and hygiene for hospital and medical sectors in general. For this reason ADRANOX® has developed and continues to develop high quality detergent and disinfectant products intended for professional use and, at the same time, with a high level of safety for the operator. Innovation, research and development and the choice of latest generation active ingredients are the basis of the ADRANOX® philosophy for the battle against healthcare acquired infections.

The formulations and types of products range start from liquid forms and powder form products till the new modular wipe systems. All these solutions make it possible to create protocols for the optimized and safe application of cleaning and disinfection processes.

Because the patient and the user of our products must always be at the center of our work.

Surgical Instruments Reprocessing

The right reprocessing of thermostable and thermolabile surgical instruments is essential to ensure an optimal level of cleaning and disinfection for all treated medical devices. In this way, the success of the subsequent steps of sterilization phase is guaranteed. All this to ensure maximum safety for professional operators and patients, between one surgical procedure and another. For this reason ADRANOX® has developed a pipeline of products for manual, automatic and maintenance treatment, to meet all needs of a modern hospital.

Surfaces and Environment Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and the environment are of fundamental importance, both in the medical field (hospitals, clinics, surgeries, etc.) and in the professional and institutional fields in general (companies, offices, homes, etc.). Especially today, with the rise of new pathogens and related infections, the right use of the best products can make the difference between what is truly clean and disinfected from what is actually not. For this reason, ADRANOX® has developed products that can be used for all sectors that require specific treatment for environmental bio-safety.

Skin Disinfection and Hygiene

Hand and skin hygiene and antisepsis are now regarded as essential elements for the infection control in both hospital and institutional settings. The correct use of antiseptic and sanitizing products is in fact a very simple system that allows for a drastic reduction in the transmission of pathogens and therefore in infections and diseases related to them. For this reason, since 2006 WHO edited guidelines with the slogan “Clean Care is Safer Care”, to encourage frequent washing and disinfection of hands. Following this slogan, today it appears more necessary than ever to use effective and technologically advanced products to protect people’s health and effectively fight infections all over the world.

Special Applications

The HAI (Hospital Aquired Infections) control passes through a series of specific procedures for the protection of the health of patients and professional healthcare workers. It is therefore essential to adopt appropriate behaviors and protocols especially for critical environments such as in long-term care departments or nursing homes, where elderly or bedridden patients are more sensitive to pathogens and then to infections. This is why ADRANOX® has completed its product line even thinking about these areas of intervention.

Application Aids

The right and easy use of latest generation disinfectants and detergents is fundamental for management processes in the area of ​​infection control.

To make our products easy to use, ADRANOX® has developed a series of accessories and dispensers specifically designed for this purpose, in order to reduce human error and facilitate the correct hygiene and disinfection processes.