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Class I Medical Device

Very mild liquid detergent
KOH-low concentration

Gentle liquid alkaline detergent for professional washer disinfectors.
It’s indicated for not aggressive cleaning.


  • KOH-low concentration
  • Can be used with all kind of water
  • Also suitable for manual baths and ultrasonic baths
  • Excellent compatibility with various types of materials
  • Recommended for use in association with Lysonox®N


Liquid concentrate for washer disinfectors, for manual baths or for ultrasonic baths. Also suitable for endoscope washer disinfectors (EWD).


Alkaline donor, non-ionic surfactant, complex, excipients.

Single unit Packaging Content REF
Canister 2 pcs 5 L standard ADWD0356
Canister 2 pcs 5 L oblong ADWD0335
Canister 2 pcs 10 L ADWD0340
Canister 1 pc 20 L ADWD0354

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