Decura H2O2 3.6% – 12 Vols

Home » Disinfection & Hygiene » Skin Hygiene & Care » Decura H2O2 3.6% - 12 Vols Hydrogen peroxide with antibacterial and hygienizing  activity for the treatment of the skin and nails. Features Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound that literature [...]

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Decura Intimo

Home » Disinfection & Hygiene » Skin Hygiene & Care » Decura Intimo Liquid detergent with a antibacterial and hygienizing action for intimate hygiene. Features Liquid soap for intimate hygienepH 3.5Antibacterial and hygienizing actionSLES and SLS freeWith natural surfactantsWith [...]

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Decura Total Body

Home » Disinfection & Hygiene » Skin Hygiene & Care » Decura Total Body Liquid detergent with a decongestant and soothing action for total body. Features Total body detergent At isodermic pH (5.5) Decongestant and soothing action SLES [...]

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Decura Hand Hygienizing Soap

Home » Disinfection & Hygiene » Skin Hygiene & Care » Decura Hand Hygienizing Soap Gentle hygienizing liquid hands soap. Suitable for frequent use. Features Mild hand cleansing soap At isodermic pH (5.5) Decongestant and sanitizing [...]

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Lysosept Gel

Home » Disinfection & Hygiene » Hand Disinfection » Lysosept Gel Alcool: 70% p/p (78% ml/L) Ready-to-use alcohol based antiseptic hand gel for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. Features Thixotropic hydroalcoholic gel to be used without [...]

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Skin Hygiene & Care

In both hospital/medical and institutional settings, skin and body cleansers are now required to have increasingly high cleaning and protective properties. This is a goal that ADRANOX® has established from the start in the development of the Decura line: a pipeline of products that use only active ingredients from organic farming and not synthetic [...]

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Hand Disinfection

The hands of medical staff in healthcare facilities are the most important carriers of pathogens. Therefore, the transmission of infections can only be controlled through careful and frequent hand washing, according to the authorized protocols. It is therefore essential, in order to maintain high compliance, to have products that are not only effective but [...]

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