Alcool: 70% p/p (78% ml/L)

Ready-to-use alcohol based antiseptic hand gel for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.


  • Thixotropic hydroalcoholic gel to be used without water
  • Ethanol based product (70% p/p or 78% v/v)
  • Quac’s free
  • Colourant and fragrance free
  • IPA free
  • Wide antimicrobial spectrum: bactericidal, yeasticidal, tubercolicidal and virucidal activities.
  • Excellent immediate effect
  • Gentle to skin


For Hygienic and Surgical hand disinfection.


Ethanol (70 p/p i.e 78 ml/l, active substance), in the presence of moisturizing and emollients agents and water. Colourant and fragrance free.

How to hand rub
Antimicrobial properties
Bactericidal Yeasticidal Tubercolicidal Virucidal
Single unit Packaging Content REF
Bottle 25 pcs 100 ml ADHD01
Bottle 12 pcs 500 ml ADHD02
Square bottle 12 pcs  500 ml ADHD02Q
Bottle 12 pcs  1000 ml ADHD03
Square bottle 12 pcs  1000 ml ADHD031Q

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