Lysonox® Tergo Extra

Home » Disinfetion & Hygiene » Concentrated Products » Lysonox Tergo Extra Class IIa Medical Device Concentrated disinfectant and cleaner for the simultaneous high-performance disinfection and cleaning of all surfaces of non-invasive medical devices. Features High cleansing [...]

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Hygien F

Home » Disinfetion & Hygiene » Concentrated Products » Hygien F Concentrated scented sanitizing detergent, with new generation degreasing formulation, for the high performance treatment and cleansing of all types of floors and surfaces. Features Can be [...]

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Smart WC

Home » Disinfection & Hygiene » Ready-To-Use Products » Smart WC Professional sanitizing WC descaler with power formula. Ready-to-use. Features High descaling powerProfessional productSanitizing actionacid pHIt does not contain oxidizing substancesCompatible with all ADRANOX professional line Application Deep cleaning and cleaning [...]

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Home » Disinfection & Hygiene » Ready-To-Use Products » Zerokal Fast professional descaler for bathroom. Very effective. Ready-to-use. Features Ready-to-use detergent for use on all compatible bathroom surfacesProfessional productUltra Fastacid pHEasy to useCompatible with all the ADRANOX Professional Line Application Cleansing [...]


Ultra Degreaser

Home » Disinfection & Hygiene » Ready-To-Use Products » Ultra Degreaser Universal professional fast degreaser for the treatment of all kind of soil. Ready-to-use. Features High degreasing power formulationProfessional productDissolves any type of grease and / or stubborn dirtBasic pH for [...]

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