Concentrated scented sanitizing detergent, with new generation degreasing formulation, for the high performance treatment and cleansing of all types of floors and surfaces.


  • Can be used on all types of floors and surfaces
  • Very high cleansing power, thanks to the particular blend of active synergic ingredients
  • Deep sanitizing action
  • Excellent compatibility with various types of materials
  • Neutral-basic pH
  • CLP – free
  • The use inhibits the growth of microorganisms
  • CMR – free
  • Easy to use
  • Stability of the diluted product: 24 H
  • Compatible with the whole ADRANOX® Professional Line


Cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces and floors. It can be used both in manual and in automatic washer-dryer machine.


Sanitizing agent, non-ionic surfactants, excipients.

Single unit Packaging Content REF
Canister 4 pcs 5 L ADPL04

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