Class I Medical Device

System composed of a refillable and reusable dispenser to be impregnated with PRO WIPES FT-90 non-woven cloths and compatible detergent and/or disinfectant solutions, ready-to-use or to be diluted.


  • Antimicrobial and reusable polypropylene dispenser
  • Universal use and extreme practicality
  • Washable up to 60 ° C
  • Perfectly hermetic and hygienic
  • Resealable lid with screw system
  • Blue and white caps for easy application in different areas
  • Reduced consumption

Fabric Rolls

  • Very high quality white non-woven fabric (TNT) cloth (50g/m2)
  • Dimension: 28 X 32 cm
  • Q.ty of tears per roll: 90
  • Cross filament structure
  • High tear resistance
  • Excellent absorption capacity
  • Single-packaged rolls for optimal storage
  • Traceability of the system provided by practical labels to be affixed to the dispenser cap for each unit of cloth used
Single unit Packaging  REF
Dispenser with blue cap + 6 non-woven rolls (90 tears per roll) 1 pc ADMR14BT
Dispenser with blu 1 pc ADMR14B
Dispenser with white cap + 6 non-woven rolls (90 tears per roll) 1 pc ADMR14WT
Dispenser with white cap 1 pc ADMR14W
Refill pack with 6 non-woven rolls (90 tears per roll) 1 pc ADMR14-S

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