ADRANOX is proud to announce the achievement of MDR certification for 10 new products registered as class IIa and IIb medical devices. The updating process based on the new Reg. 2017/745 which began in 2021 for all class I medical devices has now also been completed for the new class II [...]

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ADRANOX and The Earth Day

Today is the day dedicated to our planet. From the beginning ADRANOX has put in place all the systems and processes necessary for the continuous improvement of its products, to safeguard safety for the operator, for the patient and for the environment. Today more than ever it is essential that companies [...]

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The New Frontier Of Surgical Hands Disinfection

Hand disinfection is of great importance for Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) control. In particular, surgical hand disinfection before surgery is a fundamental step to avoid cross-contaminations for the patient. On the other hand, the intensive use of soaps and sponges based on chlorhexidine and iodine, have created phenomena of sensitization and [...]

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The New Medical Device Regulation (MDR)

The Medical Device Regulation (MDR), which was adopted in April 2017, changes the European legal framework for medical devices and introduces new principal and supportive responsibilities for EMA and for national competent authorities in the assessment of certain categories of products. The Regulation entered into force in May 2017 and had [...]

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Despite the pandemic situation still in progress, ADRANOX wanted to give a strong signal of recovery and presence at the important event of the WFHSS (World Federation For Hospital Sterilization Sciences), which has been participating since long time. A great response from visitors and a high interest in our proposals and [...]

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European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2021 (EAAD)–ECDC

The problem of antibiotic resistance poses a serious challenge to the solutions that we must adopt for the care of patients, especially at the hospital level. Every year 700,000 deaths due to antibiotic resistance are recorded in the world and this figure is increasing year on year.This is why the European [...]

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Which Disinfectants Against Coronavirus

There are many disinfectants for environments and surfaces that claim specific activity against the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, viruses belonging to the envelope virus strain. But you have to pay close attention to the claims of such products, which may not be quite correct. In fact, it should be emphasized that to date [...]

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World Hand Hygiene Day – WHO

In 2021, a year distinguished by the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of hand hygiene is more evident than ever before as it is one of the most effective measures to reduce the spread of pathogens including the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Information Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs), in particular those caused by multi-resistant bacteria, are [...]

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