There are many disinfectants for environments and surfaces that claim specific activity against the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, viruses belonging to the envelope virus strain. But you have to pay close attention to the claims of such products, which may not be quite correct.
In fact, it should be emphasized that to date it is not possible to carry out a test according to the methodology of the European standards envisaged (eg EN 14476) directly on this virus as it is not yet standardized. The provisions for killing the standard strain must therefore be applied to claim
virucidal activity against all encapsulated viruses.

In particular, the European virucidal standard EN 14476 + A2 mentions the vaccinia virus as the reference virus activity to validate the virucide effect against enveloped viruses for the disinfection of hands and surfaces. The list of enveloped viruses affected by this activity is shown in the annex to the aforementioned standard.

All products of the ADRANOX® line are tested against the Vaccinia Virus and therefore can claim activities against enveloped viruses in accordance with the provisions of the European standard, including 2019-nCoV.