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Class I Medical Device

New generation high-level multi-enzymatic detergent, for the reprocessing of surgical instruments, flexible endoscopes, robotic equipments, dental instruments and medical channels that require an high-impact treatment for the removal of any type of dirt and for the prevention of infections in the medical field.


  • High-level cleaning, thanks to the synergistic action of surfactants, green chelating agent and the new generation multi-enzymatic complex (protease, amylase, lipase, mannanase, pectinase, cellulase)
  • Fully stabilized and selective enzymatic blend. No need for activation
  • Excellent compatibility with various types of materials
  • Removes any type of multi-component organic residue
  • Effective also for complex medical devices (eg endoscopes and cannulated in general, robotic tools)
  • EDTA-free, IDS-free and NTA-free
  • Prevents breakage and replacement of medical tools
  • Neutral pH. Use at room temperature
  • Ideal support for biofilms removal
  • Excellent rinsing
  • Suitable with the use of Lysonox® products pipeline


High-level enzymatic cleaning for surgical and endoscopic instruments, anesthesia instruments, dental instruments, laboratory glassware and medical devices in general. It can also be used in an ultrasonic bath.


Non-ionic surfactants, new generation enzymatic blend, green chelating agent and excipients.

Manual cleaning for thermostable and thermolabile
instruments (standard cleaning)
Dos: 5 ml/L (0,5%) 10 min T° Amb.
Cleaning in Utrasonic baths Dos: 3 ml/L (0,3%) 5-10 min T° Amb.
45°C max
Manual cleaning for stubborn soil Dos: 10 ml/L (1%) 10-15 min T° Amb.

*The versatility of the product allows you to use it even up to 4% concentration in case of need. Contact ADRANOX® directly for any specific uses not indicated in this document.

Single unit Packaging Content REF
Bottle 12 pcs 1 L ADMR13
Canister 4 pcs 5 L ADMR12

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