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Class IIb Medical Device

Disinfectant, detergent and cold chemical sterilizing product, developing peracetic acid, for high-level disinfection of surgical instruments, endoscopic equipments and thermolabile medical devices.


  • 3 in 1 product: for cleaning, pre-disinfection and high level disinfection
  • With full spectrum activity
  • Dosage: 1% – 2%
  • Active Oxygen System
  • High materials compatibility
  • Vary fast antimicrobial activity
  • Storage stability for not used product : 36 months
  • Solution stability: 48H


For manual cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments. High level disinfection/cold chemical sterilization of thermolabile medical devices.


Sodium percarbonate,TAED (Tetraacetylethylendiamine), enzymatic complex, excipients.

Antimicrobial properties
Bactericidal Yeasticidal Tubercolicidal Virucidal Sporicidal
Single unit Packaging Content REF
Bucket 6 pcs 1 Kg ADMR101.10
Bucket 4 pcs 2 Kg ADMR101.20

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